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A Preparation Guide for a Hurricane Season

Tropical storms and hurricanes bring heavy rain and winds that can create damage, as well as block roads and knock out power. When the hurricane strikes, you need to be prepared well enough to face those strong winds alongside the flooding that comes with it. When it happens, you need to be prepared especially for people who are aware of the place of residence to be one of the vulnerable areas to hurricanes and storms. Discussed therein are the tips to consider when preparing for a hurricane season.

Before the hurricane storm you need to know your evacuation routes. Put down your escape plans in case the hurricane becomes unbearable. You should think about essential things you might need when there is no one else out there to assist. For example the kit should contain the following items; Enough water for each person to have a gallon a day, Three-day supply of non-perishable food, Battery-powered radio with extra batteries, flashlight, whistle, first aid kit, local map, and a manual can opener. Tell family members to help you pack. Always remember to carry very warm clothing in the kit.

It is also important that you clear out gutters, and fix the sump pump in the basement to reduce the effects of flooding on your home. With everything in one place, finding what you need during the storm or cleaning up after the fact will be much easier. Put up strong erections to protect your home. Hurricane force winds can turn landscaping materials into missiles that can break windows and doors.

Don’t let the wind mix up with power or electricity that is on. Keeping your phone battery at full percentages is highly recommended. Make sure all the power is switched off during this weather. Be aware of your location. The hurricane may be intense or just light enough so that you won’t have to evacuate or go to another place. Take time to listen to the news or radio and also check on your neighbors in case they might need help.

Moreover, you need to be prepared for survival during the hurricane. Regulate the fridge temperatures to a minimum. Once you are in a safe place, try reaching out to friends and loved ones to let everyone know you are okay. This is also important because you may have information about missing persons during the storm to tell the police and the weather authorities and also how to help them.

You never know how long the storm will take or whether the house will survive the hurricane. Always keep some money on you in case of such emergencies. Make sure your tires are road-worthy. It is therefore imperative to consider the following tips when preparing for a hurricane season.